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TsAGI completes testing of the external fuel tank for the Mi-28NE and Mi-35M helicopters

16 November 2017

The Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) completed the periodic tests on fatigue limits of the external fuel tank for the Mi-28NE and Mi-35M helicopters and their modifications produced by “Rostvertol” of the “Russia helicopters” holding (a part of State Corporation Rostec).

The testing was conducted to confirm the quality of serial products, as well as the stability of the technological process. The object of the tests was a serial external fuel tank for the Mi-28NE and Mi-35M helicopters and their modifications, set within an ejector rack. The external fuel tank was set on a special bench for the testing which simulated the exact setting for the helicopter. The characteristics of the vibration loading spectrum were set based on the examples given in the test program; they were calculated at the most critical mode.

The external fuel tank was subjected to heavy vertically and horizontally loading with the vibration loading control in critical conditions of fatigue design elements. The tests confirmed the quality of the external fuel tanks for the Mi-28NE and Mi-35M helicopters and their modifications. It ensures their continued safe operation.

The Mi-28NE is an attack helicopter in the Russian army. It was nicknamed “Night Hunter” for its ability to perform combat tasks at any time of the day or night. It is designed for providing fire support for forward ground force and motorized rifle and tank units. The “Night Hunter” has reliable armoring and modern manual and automatic nap-of-the-earth flight abilities.

The Mi-35M transport/attack helicopter is designed to provide fire support to ground forces (destroy enemy tanks, other armored and soft-skinned vehicles, manpower). It carries high-precious equipment that provides round-the-clock employment of the helicopter and weapons. One of the most important features of the Mi-35M is its multiple uses for combat, assault, medical and transport.

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