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TsAGI Continues Service-Life Tests of the SSJ100 Airliner

2 November 2017

Experts of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center "Zhukovsky Institute") have completed another stage of service-life tests of the modified main landing gear door of the SSJ100 airliner. The project was commissioned by JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Co.

Before the start of the tests TsAGI engineers applied normal shock damage on the unit that would be experienced during aircraft operations. Then the structure was subjected to cyclic loads equivalent to 108 thousand typical flights for closed- and open-door position. At the end of the tests TsAGI engineers did not find any signs of damage expansion or any new defects.

Experiments to confirm the service life of the unit are still underway. In order to ensure a high level of door reliability, another 52 thousand flight cycles will be needed. According to preliminary estimates, the tests will take about three months. In future trials TsAGI engineers plan to test the residual strength of the door.

A new configuration of the main landing gear doors was developed as a part of aircraft improvement to meet the needs of airlines and advanced market requirements. Unlike conventional landing gear door design, the modified configuration reduces aerodynamic drag of the aircraft at the initial climb stage. Improvement of take-off aerodynamic performance of the aircraft enabled the aircraft to achieve greater take-off weights and, accordingly, improve its operation efficiency at high-altitude airfields and airfields with limited runway length.

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