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TsAGI Engineers Complete Tests of a Short Takeoff and Landing Aircraft Model

1 November 2017

In October, the engineers of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center "Zhukovsky Institute") completed another test cycle of the model of a twin-engine, medium-range transport STOL aircraft. The work was performed under a government contract with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade using TsAGI’s low-speed wind tunnel.

The medium-range short takeoff and landing transport aircraft is equipped with two turbofan engines, designed to carry loads of up to 20 tons at a speed of 750–800 km/h over distances up to 3000 km. According to preliminary estimates, new technical solutions implemented in the aircraft design provide advantages for operation on short artificial and unpaved runways with a length of less than 800–900 m. Existing and other aircraft of a similar class require a runway length of more than 1600–2000 m.

When designing similar aircraft, exceptional lift performance of the wing must be ensured while retaining aerodynamic perfection. In addition, flight safety requirements must be met in the event of failure of one of the engines. In order to achieve superior lift, the aircraft employs wings with adaptive high-lift devices blown by double-flow turbojet engines.

Tests of the aircraft model were conducted near a fixed screen simulating the effect of the earth. Also, TsAGI engineers examined the effect of engine failure on aerodynamic performance, stability and controllability of the aircraft. If such a problem arises, lifting properties degrade and significant heeling and yaw moments appear, which require highly efficient controls in order to compensate for such issues.

As a result of their work TsAGI scientists found that the blowing adaptive high-lift devices in runway configuration provide a high level of lifting properties, including near the ground.

Development of short takeoff and landing transport aircraft has been carried out at TsAGI since 2011. The research is aimed at developing key technologies to create a new generation of regional civilian transport aircraft with extended operational capabilities on short runways. Start of operation for this aircraft is planned in 2025–2030.

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