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The 1st CARDC-TsAGI Symposium on Fundamental and Applied Aerodynamics held in China

3 November 2017

The Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center "Zhukovsky Institute") was a co-organizer of the 1st CARDC-TsAGI Symposium on Fundamental and Applied Aerodynamics. The event was held from October 23 to 27 at the China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC) in Mianyang, China.

The TsAGI delegation included experts from various departments of the Institute. TsAGI presented 12 reports on computational and experimental research of civil aircraft aerodynamics, up-to-date methods of aerodynamic tests, design of experimental facilities. The contribution of the Chinese colleagues in the Symposium program included reports on aerodynamic experiment methods and computational aerodynamics.

In addition to the scientific results presented, during the event the parties held negotiations on prospects of further cooperation.

“The bilateral Symposium on Fundamental and Applied Aerodynamics not only showed the mutual interest of Russian and Chinese scientists in this area, but also highlighted the willingness to reinforce our cooperation, to tackle the most urgent tasks of the global aviation industry and successfully solve them,” noted Sergey Lyapunov, the head of the Symposium on the part of TsAGI, Deputy General Director of TsAGI and head of Aircraft Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics Complex. “This is evidenced by the high scientific level of the reports presented,” he concluded.

The partnership between TsAGI and CARDC goes back more than 20 years. Over the years, several major contracts were completed for comparative testing of aircraft models in CARDC and TsAGI wind tunnels, as well as the development and manufacture of equipment for CARDC wind tunnels. The parties have been collaborating in frames of joint research projects. The agreement to hold a bilateral scientific Symposium on Fundamental and Applied Aerodynamics was reached during the meeting of the general directors of TsAGI and CARDC in 2016.

CARDC is the largest Chinese R&D and testing institute dealing with experimental and computational aerodynamics. The Institute has large-scale advanced experimental facilities, which include a set of wind tunnels with a range of speeds from low to supersonic. The enterprise employs about 2000 people.

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