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Proceedings of the Reporting Conference of the Computer-Aided Design Center named after O.M. Belotserkovsky held in TsAGI

29 September 2017

The reporting conference of the Computer-Aided Design Center named after O.M. Belotserkovsky took place at the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center "Zhukovsky Institute") at the end of September. TsAGI scientists together with their colleagues from the Russian Academy of Sciences discussed the progress of joint research projects.

The Russian Academy of Sciences was represented by experts from the Institute of Chemical Physics named after N.N. Semenov, the Computing Centre named after A.A. Dorodnitsyn, the Institute of Design Automation, the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics named after C.A. Khristianovich, and the Institute of Applied Mechanics named after M.V.Keldysh.

Specialists at the conference discussed, among other issues, the tasks of numerical simulation of flame stabilization in a model combustion chamber of a high-speed aircraft and a laminar-to-turbulent transition. They also discussed the dynamics of vortex track and numerical estimate of design integrity in platforms made of composite materials.

In particular, scientists elaborated on the annual progress made in the study of flame stabilization in a model combustion chamber of high-speed aircraft. The work is aimed at the development of computational simulation of combustion in a turbulent flow, in view of the physico-chemical processes, as well as obtaining reference results for validation of numerical methods. Tests on aerodynamic stands at TsAGI served as the experimental basis.

Also, they discussed issues of work with “big data”- enormous amounts of digital information produced in the course of direct numerical simulation. The workshop examined possible solutions to this problem on supercomputers with a very large number of processing cores.

“We analyzed the results of pilot projects which addressed different issues — aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and strength,” said the coordinator of the Design Center, the Head of Airplane and Missile Aerodynamics Department of TsAGI Andrey Volkov. “These achievements, on the one hand, relate to academic science, but on the other hand, have practical significance for the development of the aviation industry.”

The Computer-Aided Design Center named after O.M. Belotserkovsky, majoring in application tasks in the aerospace industry, was created in 2012. It is a union of scientists under the program of joint fundamental research by TsAGI and the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main goal of the Center is to develop and validate numerical techniques, and computer-aided design as applied to to the aerospace industry.

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