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TsAGI results at MAKS-2017

31 July 2017

The Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Institute named after N.E.Zhukovsky”) summarized the results of its participation in the XIII International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017.

The TSAGI Exposition included the advanced development in different areas. The passenger aviation segment was represented by a model of a high-speed civilian aircraft created by the specialists of the Institute within the framework of the international project HEXAFLY-INT, as well as the layout of the new-generation supersonic business/ passenger aircraft. In addition, a model of a heavy integrated circuit transport aircraft (HTA-IC) was displayed at the stand. It is a prototype of an aircraft of the future in the field of air transport. Along with the TsAGI static exposition there was a media panel which provided information about TsAGI activities and its advanced development work. The presentation of a concept of a prospective heavy transport aircraft (HTA “Elephant”) attracted much interest. The aircraft came to replace the existing An-124 “Ruslan”. HTA “Elephant” is designed to carry a wide range of goods. Also demonstrated were materials about the history of the Institute, the centenary of which will be celebrated next year.

About 1500 people visited the TsAGI exposition during the Salon. The culminating day came Friday when more than 400 guests visited TsAGI. Among the visitors were representatives of a number of large domestic enterprises, such as the Space Corporation “Roskosmos,” Tupolev PJSC, Irkut Corporation PJSC, “VIAM,” etc. Foreign specialists showed considerable interest as well. Scientists of the Institute demonstrated their scientific achievements to foreign counterparts from Belgium, Germany, France, Czech Republic, China, Japan, India, Iran, Turkey, Myanmar, etc. Dr. Sebastiano Fumero, Head of the Unit “Aviation” of the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission and Xin Guobin, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China visited TsAGI’s exhibit.

The exposition of the Institute turned out to be the focus of attention for representatives of the Russian-Japanese working group on cooperation in the aviation industry, which was a part of the air show. The head of the Japanese delegation was the Director of the Division of the aerospace and defense industry of the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan, Hiroyuki Hatada. The Russian side was led by the Director of the National Research Center “Institute named after N.E.Zhukovsky” Andrei Dutov.

Popularization of scientific activities of the Institute among youth was another important function, which was intended to be implemented by TsAGI’s exposition. The exposition was visited by graduates of the educational centre “Sirius” (recipients of grants of the President of the Russian Federation). Young people familiarized themselves with TsAGI’s promising developments and expressed keen interest in the activities of the Institute. Some of the graduates expressed a desire to practice in the Russian Centre of aeronautical science.

Students of Universities — MIPT, the Moscow Aviation Institute, Bauman University, Kazan, Samara, Novosibirsk and others — paid enjoyed the TsAGI exposition. Many of the students asked questions about working at TSAGI and possible employment in the future.

TsAGI’s participation at MAKS-2017 was broadcasted by leading media sources: TV Channel 1, TV Channel 360, radio station “Radio 1,” agency “Rambler,” etc.

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