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TsAGI at Paris International Air Show at Le Bourget

4 July 2017

In June, the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Institute named after N.E.Zhukovsky”) participated in the 52nd Paris international air show at Le Bourget (France). The key areas of TsAGI’s business program were the development of cooperation with foreign partners, implementation of projects of the European Union framework programs, and the session of the Russian-European working group in the field of aviation research in the civil sector.

The Institute’s delegation was headed by Director General Sergei Chernyshev who took part in meetings of the Steering Committee of the International Forum on aviation research (IFAR), in which TsAGI represented the Russian Federation. They discussed plans for further work of IFAR, and in particular the proposal by TsAGI to develop youth initiatives.

The logistics of activities in joint flagship projects were discussed with TsAGI representatives as the National Contact Point “Aeronautics.”

TsAGI held negotiations with NASA, where they discussed the results of a joint seminar held this spring. The heads of the Russian and American centers agreed on directions of cooperation in the critical area of icing.

In General, the Paris Air Show allowed TsAGI to achieve noticeable results in collaboration with European partners. TsAGI and AirbusGroup delegations discussed prospects for aviation research, including work on the RUMBLE project, researching threshold levels and estimation rules of the sonic boom level from a supersonic passenger aircraft.

With their colleagues from the French ONERA Center, TsAGI representatives considered subjects of the forthcoming joint seminar, including physics, buffeting control, unconventional aircraft layout, etc. The event scheduled for October of this year would take place in Paris. The dialogue with French colleagues continued through a meeting with representatives of the SAFRAN tech. Potential areas for joint research and details of the planned visit to TsAGI were discussed. The Institute also held talks with its German Centre DLR partner, having considered the current results of joint projects and cooperation prospects.

TsAGI paid special attention at Le Bourget to the development of business contacts with colleagues from the Asian region. In particular, they had negotiations with the leadership of the Chinese Aviation Academy (CAE) and the Corporation AVIC in which a forthcoming joint Conference was discussed. The event will be held during the upcoming international aviation and space Salon MAKS −2017.

The Paris International Aerospace Salon (Paris Air Show) is one of the largest and most prestigious aerospace exhibitions in the world. The event is held once every two years. The exhibition includes a variety of aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, aircraft and space engines, airport equipment, etc.

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