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TsAGI takes part in meeting of the Research Committee of the Union of Aircraft Producers of Russia

7 April 2017

The Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI, part of the National Research Center “Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky”) participated in a meeting held in late March by the Research Committee of the Union of Aircraft Producers of Russia.

The meeting was about developing cooperation between Russia and the EU in aeronautics. Included in the discussion was the European call for a proposal related to flagship projects such as high-speed passenger aviation and aviation safety (ice protection). The industry expert community, as the end consumer of emerging technologies (represented by the the United Aircraft Corporation and by Russian Helicopters) has backed the proposal.

“The participants pointed out the relevance of the European partners’ proposals for the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under the Aeronautics guideline for 2018–2020,” explained Lyudmila Rostovtseva, Deputy Director General of the Union of Aircraft Producers of Russia. “As per outcome of the meeting the topics under discussion have been considered to be in line with development priorities for the domestic aviation industry/”

The Research Committee of the Union of Aircraft Producers of Russia operates to establish cooperation with the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), International Coordinating Council for the Aerospace Industries Association (ICCAIA), and with national aviation boards of aeronautics.

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