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TsAGI discusses areas of cooperation with enterprises of the French aviation industry

21 November 2016

In mid-November, representatives of TsAGI took part in a meeting of the Aeronautical Engineering Working Group of the XXIV Session of the Russian-French Council on economic, financial, industrial and commercial matters (CEFIC).

TsAGI, as a member of the Working Group, extensively cooperates with academic institutions and enterprises of the aviation industry in France, including ONERA, GIFAS, Airbus Group, Thales Group, Dassault Aviation, and others. Alexander Dvoynikov, the Team Lead on cooperation with European countries of TsAGI, spoke about the joint works, including ones planned for the near future. One such example of joint work is the research project on the thresholds and estimation rules for the sonic boom level from a supersonic passenger airplane. The results obtained will form the basic principles for further development recommendations for the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO. In this project, TsAGI will join its efforts with Airbus Group, Dassault Aviation, ONERA, the Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC) and the Russian partners — MAI, the Flight Research Institute named after M.M. Gromov, the State Governmental Scientific-Testing Area of Aircraft Systems (GkNIPAS), the Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development named after P.I. Baranov (CIAM), and others.

Special attention was paid to cooperation between TsAGI and ONERA, which has continued for 50 years. Alexander Dvoynikov noted: “Confirmation of successful cooperation between Russian and French Centers can be found in the implementation of research projects on innovative aircraft layouts and nonlinear modeling of the flight mechanics, the annual joint scientific seminars, the establishment of an award named after Denis Maugars, and other initiatives. At present, we consider the program of launching new bilateral research on the use of plasma actuators in aerodynamics and aeroacoustics.”

The Russian-French Council on economic, financial, industrial and commercial matters (CEFIC) is a key structure of the Russian-French Commission on bilateral cooperation at the level of Heads of Government. The Council meetings are held on a regular basis, alternately in Russia and France.

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