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TsAGI to Use Multi-Channel Loading System During Endurance Testing of MC-21 Composite Stabilizer

8 November 2016

The scientists of the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI, part of the National Research Center ‘Institute named after N.E.Zhukovsky) are getting ready for endurance testing of the composite stabilizer of MC-21 aircraft, a serial production unit for the new aircraft. The testing has been ordered by PJSC Irkut Corporation.

The experts will reproduce a full range of variable loads that the aircraft experiences in typical operation conditions, in the volume that provides for 60,000 flights with three times the overdesign factor.

The work will be completed on a specially created stand with use of the multi-channel loading system designed by TsAGI specialists in cooperation with their colleagues from Atos Company (Italy). Industrial implementation of this project is being carried out by the Institute in cooperation with Techprom LLC and support from the Skolkovo Foundation. The key advantages of the new system include reduced time for testing stand installation due to unification of equipment, and lower costs of the experiment by means of increasing productiveness in combination with lower energy consumption. Additionally, the asset will be better protected against non-standardized loads. In TsAGI the system is being used to test the design of the airframe of IL-76MD-90A and Sukhoi Superjet 100LR aircraft.

The process will take no more than two and a half years, scientists say. Earlier similar studies used to take up to five years. “This is the first time we will carry out endurance testing of the full-sized unit made of composite materials,” said Konstantin Scherban, Deputy Head of the TsAGI division responsible for operational life proof testing. “This is a new direction that will require new approaches. Therefore, testing results will undoubtedly be quite interesting.”

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