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Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Central AeroHydrodynamics Institute” celebrates the 100th anniversary of Academician G.S. Byushgens’ birth

16 September 2016

On September 16 commemorative events in honour of the 100th anniversary of Georgy S. Byushgens’ birth took place in the Professor Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamics Institute (TsAGI, which is a part of the Scientific Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”). He was a professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, outstanding scientist in the field of aerodynamics, aircraft dynamics and control systems, and complex research of aircraft engineering.

Georgy Byushgens started working in the Central AeroHydrodynamics Institute in the 1940s as a recent graduate. Later he became the first deputy of the Institute’s head, and then was employed as an adviser to the management. He was the initiator and creator of the flight dynamics academic school in TsAGI.

G. Byushgens designed computational methods for analysis of aircraft dynamics and drew up the main requirements for aircraft stability and controllability. These achievements made an invaluable contribution to the creation of Russian near-supersonic and supersonic aircraft. Multi-mode warplanes with the changing geometry of wings in flight MiG-23, Su-24, Tu-160, legendary fighter aircraft of the fourth generation Su-27, MiG-29, passenger airliners with wide-bodied Il-96 among them and the first supersonic Tu-144 were made with direct participation and supervision of the research by Georgy Byushgens.

A gala flower-laying ceremony at the memorial installed in honour of G. Byushgens, as well as an extended meeting of the Academic Board and Research and Technology Boards of the Institute took place in TsAGI. Representatives of JSC Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG”, PJSC Sukhoy Company, PJSC Tupolev, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development” (TsIAM), OJSC Gromov Flight Research Institute (LII), JSC Research Institute of Aircraft Equipment (NIIAO), Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Research Institute of Aviation Systems” (GosNIIAS) and others were present at the event. S.N. Vasilyev, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Professor A.D. Mironov, Doctor of Engineering, the oldest employee of the Gromov Flight Research Institute, were the guests of honour. Also present were many students and followers of academician G. Byushgens’ academic school.

TsAGI scientists told the assembled audience of the scientific heritage and the milestones of the academician’s life. The book Aerodynamics, Stability and Controllability of Supersonic Aircraft edited by G. Byushgens, which had not been published in the past, was presented as well.

S.L. Chernyshev, Correspondent Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Director General of TsAGI, said: “Georgy Byushgens was one of the most authoritative leaders of domestic aviation science. He dedicated his whole life to working in TsAGI. He always persistently stood up for and advocated the leading positions and technical solutions of the Institute. TsAGI is not only a place of employment but an academic school as well for all scientists. It was set up by a wonderful scientist and man who clearly made his mark on the theory and practice of aircraft engineering. We invariably keep memory of such people in our hearts, and their behests are brought to life by following generations of research workers.”

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