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MS-21 composite wing box delivered to TsAGI for static tests

12 July 2016

  • The first MS-21 aircraft roll out. Photo of the Press Service of Irkut Corporation.

On July 7, the basic element of the MS-21 aircraft wing, a wing box made of polymer composite materials, was delivered to the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI).

The wing box will undergo static tests, the results of which will show the possibility to start flight tests of the MS-21 aircraft. For these purposes, TsAGI built a special test-stand and developed a program of wing box testing. In the course of static strength tests, TsAGI scientists will test simulation models and analyze the stress-strain state of the tested object.This will be the first time in Russia that a composite load-bearing structure of this size has undergone tests.

The wing box was manufactured at the production site of AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk and delivered to TsAGI by road transport.

The widespread use of composite materials manufactured according to unique domestic technologies will provide the MS-21 aircraft with flight performance advantages, compared to other aircraft in its class.

Currently, the assembly of the fuselage of the second MS-21 aircraft is nearing completion at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant — branch of Irkut Corporation, which will also be sent to TsAGI for static tests.

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