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TsAGI participates in IV International Civil Aviation Strategy Forum-2016

7 July 2016

A concept model of a light-weight regional short take-off and landing aircraft with a distributed electric propulsion unit
A concept model of a light-weight regional short take-off and landing aircraft with a distributed electric propulsion unit

At the end of June, the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) took part in the IV International Civil Aviation Strategy Forum-2016, which was held in Moscow.

Andrey Dunaevsky, the Head of implementation programs for scientific projects on the development of general aviation and aeronautic systems of TsAGI, made a speech at the session devoted to the key trends in the development of the aviation industry, advanced developments and solutions. He spoke about the innovative advances in the field of civil aviation, e.g., advanced concepts of long-range and regional aircraft, as well as rotorcraft. In particular, he dwelt upon the concept of a light-weight regional short take-off and landing aircraft, which was developed in TsAGI. The aircraft is equipped with a distributed electric propulsion unit (DEPU), and to increase lifting force, an effect of wing air blast using propellers. In this case, some propellers of DEPU in cruising flight mode are taken away, thus reducing the thrust loss and fuel consumption, providing increased cruise speed in combination with short take-off and landing time. Thus, the physical and economical availability of local and regional air transportation services is provided at the same time.

Andrey Dunaevsky noted: “For the development of competitive aviation equipment that meets the severe operational conditions of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to develop scientific and technological potential in advance. To reduce expenses in this field means to foredoom the industry to a systematical lag.”

The Civil Aviation Strategy Forum is an industry event for the representatives of the air transport complex, organizations and government authorities. The format of this Forum includes practical sessions, master classes, and roundtable discussions. In addition to innovative solutions in the field of civil aviation, in 2016 the participants of the Forum discussed the strategic aspects of its development in Eurasia and Russia, the future of the airport industry in the country, and additional sources of financing for airfield infrastructure, key changes in the air transportation services of Russia and CIS, and modern approaches and turning-point trends in aviation industry development.

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