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TsAGI Holds Meetings with Netherlands Colleagues

15 September 2015

On 10 September, in the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI), negotiations were held with the Flight Simulation Company (FSC) (Netherlands)*. The main subject of the meeting was the cooperation of TsAGI and FSC in the field of research devoted to taking aircraft out of complicated spatial positions, as well as development of flight simulators.

The Institute scientists informed its foreign colleagues of the results of the participation in the European project SUPRA. It was aimed at creating up-to-date concepts of on-ground modeling of aircraft stalling and pull-out processes. “In the frameworks of this Project, we were dealing with a huge range of issues for formation of mathematical models describing extended areas of aircraft flight,” explained Mrs. Larisa Zaychik, Head of TsAGI’s Flight Safety Complex Department.

The Dutch specialists had also been informed about the capabilities of the advanced flight simulation facilities of the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky. “Due to the projects with the Russian and foreign partners, we obtained wide competencies which allowed us to improve our experimental base from the technology point of view,” noted Professor Andrey Byushgens, Deputy Head of Aircraft Dynamics and Control Systems Division of TsAGI. “Today, our objective is applying the innovations in the simulator building sector. We already are actively cooperating in this field with domestic organizations; and I anticipate that the meetings held with FSC will promote our developments to the West.”

In turn, Mr. Andre Heine, the Director of Pilot Training Center of FSC, expressed his readiness to participate in the projects which would be conceived in the Russian center of aviation science.

* FSC was founded in 2005 and is a major European flight simulation and training center. It possesses several training centers equipped with complex flight simulators for planes like the A320, Boeing 737 and others. The company provides aviation staff training and retraining of flight crews for both European and international airlines, including the airlines of Russia and the CIS. FSC is also a member of Dutch Aviation Solutions Russia (DASR), the Dutch aviation cluster whose purpose is strengthening of Russian-Dutch cooperation.

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