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TsAGI to open the Department of Aircraft Composite Structures

2 September 2015

At the XII International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015 an agreement between TsAGI and MATI on the foundation of the “Aircraft Structures made of Composite Materials” Department was signed. This department will be based at the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky, TsGI. The agreement was signed by S.L. Chernyshev, General Director of TsAGI, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and A.V. Rozhdestvensky, the Rector of MATI, the Russian State Technological University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Science.

The Department will become a fully-fledged structural division of MATI. The main objectives of its foundation are: Collaborative cooperation of the University and the Institute in the field of education, science and innovations; improving the education quality through the use of the results of scientific researches, new knowledge and developments in science and technology areas in educational activities; extending the educational research principle and scientific training component in educational activities, including the involvement of students in scientific research under the guidance of the leading specialists of TsAGI, and; staffing of scientific and educational activities and research.

Dr. Chernyshev noted that the current use of composite materials in aircraft design is of particular relevance and explained the specifics of the new department. He added: “Traditional education assumes either a detailed study of the material — its chemical composition, properties, or the integrity study of the whole construction, while composite or metal-composite approaches are not developed enough. By establishing this new department with MATI, we take a roundabout approach to the subject. In fact, its subject area is at the intersection of materials science and structural integrity and strength, and today our industry is in dire need of such specialists. The Department will train specialists and staff and conduct research on composite structures. It is very difficult to overestimate the importance and timeliness of its foundation. We are very pleased that our colleagues from MATI supported this idea.”

I.E. Kovalev, Deputy Director General of TsAGI, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, explained: “MATI has rare expertise in the field of computational and experimental evaluation of mechanical properties of materials. I am sure that the potential of the University will help to solve the problems of aircraft materials not only from the point of joint research projects, but also in the area of staff training.”

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