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TsAGI organizes the “Knowledge Cafe” for specialists from different countries

27 August 2015

On August 26 in the Research-and-Development Information Center of FSUE TsAGI a joint workshop with participation of the Institute’s staff and scientists of aerospace companies and universities was held. It brought together about 50 participants from Russia, Germany, France and India. This event has become one of the key attractions of the visit to Russia of foreign young specialists’ delegations, which was organized with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo within the frameworks of the “Generation Next” Program.*

The workshop was organized in an unusual format — a “Knowledge Café,” consisting of five round-table meetings. The meeting participants discussed the current problems and prospects of the aerospace industry. The participants exchanged their opinions on the current development level of civil aviation, the expected technological breakthroughs and radical changes in this area. The impact of information technologies on air transport were also discussed. In addition, the scientists discussed their experience in overcoming problems arising when specialists from different countries try to exchange their knowledge and ideas. The main “challenges” highlighted were: education, language, studying the mentality of foreign colleagues, etc., which can be faced by young researchers in the course of international project implementation. The moderators of the workshop were European experts in the field of aeronautics — Joachim Szodruch and Georges Bridel.

“The ’Knowledge Café’ was organized for young specialists for the first time in Russia,” explained Joachim Szodruch. “We have already organized the meetings in a similar format with the representatives of the executive board of FSUE TsAGI, which yielded positive results in the terms of business communications. In our ‘Cafe’ everyone has the opportunity to discuss any topic, which was brought up during round-table meetings. Moreover, in the conditions of such informal communication it’s easier for scientists to establish a constructive dialog with colleagues from other companies. ”

Georges Bridel further elaborated: “The slogan of our workshop comes from Albert Einstein’s saying that progress is based on the exchange of ideas. I believe that we have managed to create an atmosphere in which young specialists from different countries feel comfortable communicating with each other, sharing their experience and their views on the future of the aerospace industry.”

“Nowadays TsAGI creates a favorable environment for bringing up a new generation of leaders in aviation science, which consider international cooperation to be the strategically important point,” said Sergey Chernyshev, General Director of FSUE TsAGI. “For this purpose, we regularly carry out training activities in cooperation with our foreign partners. This is the way how our youth, through the practice of management games, learn to establish professional relationships; and the informal meeting format allows develop of ideas. I am sure that workshop will be fruitful and will become the basis for future joint projects. This way we lay the foundation for new technological breakthroughs.”

* The “Generation Next” Program is carried out in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 19 October 2011 No. 1394 “On the Concept approval of the Program of short-term study visits to the Russian Federation of young representatives of political, social, scientific and business circles of foreign states.” Its purpose: To acquaint colleagues from other countries with scientific, educational and cultural life of the Russian Federation, as well as the cooperation development with foreign countries.

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