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TsAGI held profitable negotiations with the European Commission

29 June 2015

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In June meetings between representatives of the European Commission and the management of FSUE TSAGI were held druing the forums of the 51st International Aviation-Air Space saloon Paris Air Show 2015 (Le Bourget air saloon) and Brussels where a meeting of the Joint Russia-EU Committee on Research and Technological Cooperation was held.

Being a link between domestic companies and foreign partners, on the basis of which a national contact point (NCP) for cooperation of Russia and the European Union in aeronautics operates, the Institute took part in the discussion of completed and future joint projects.

A meeting of the Russia-EU task force was held at the Le Bourget air show. The result for the Russian side was an invitation to the Aerodays 2015 conference, a global event of the European aeronautics industry, which will be held in October in London. During the meeting, the possibility for partnership of domestic enterprises, including FSUE TsAGI, in Clean sky-2 program was also confirmed.

The dialogue of the Institute’s management with the European side continued in Brussels at the meeting of the Joint Russia-EU Committee on scientific-technological cooperation. Sergey Chernyshev, head of NCP and acting general director of FSUE TsAGI, familiarized colleagues with the work results of Russian companies in European projects and spoke about a representative office of the Institute in the capital of Belgium, which is being developed at present.

“The European Commission positively evaluated results of studies held involving Russian partners and, in particular, TsAGI,” noted Sergey Chernyshev, acting general director of FSUE TsAGI.

“Today our institute holds leading positions in many international studies, thus an office opening in Brussels is a strategically justified step. European colleagues expressed readiness to continue cooperation, which is a positive summary of meetings.”

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