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TsAGI is solving the noise problem of the advanced supersonic aircraft

21 July 2015

In July, a workshop of the Academic Council of the Institute was held at FSUE TsAGI, during which the possibility for a supersonic business jet (UBJ) meeting advanced limits of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was discussed.

The new generation business jet designed by scientists of FSUE TSAGI must not only develop high speed but must meet state-of-the-art and advanced environmental requirements. One of them is low noise level on site.

Specialists of FSUE TsAGI are considering such a SBJ layout, in which an air intake and external propulsion circuit have longer length dimensions. This enables locating sound-absorbing structures on a substantial area to reduce engine fan noise. The location of the air intake above the air frame further reduces propulsion fan noise. The main noise source in the take-off and climb mode is the engine’s jet. Scientists found out that to meet international noise requirements, jet velocity must be reduced drastically. During the workshop, it was recommended that this condition be taken into account in subsequent SBJ development research

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