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TsAGI is testing aeroelastic multifunction wing model

26 June 2015

Scientists at TsAGI have completed the first phase of aeroelasticity testing of the multi-functional model of a transport airplane wing designed and manufactured by TsAGI. The work took place within the framework of the state contract under the federal target program “Development of Russian civil aviation for 2002 — 2010 and for the period until 2015”.

The model is made from composite materials using additive technology. The model is used in early phases of advanced aircraft development projects to conduct tests to predict the functionality of innovative design solutions. These studies help promote flight safety and competitiveness of future aircraft. The latter is achieved by improving aerodynamic performance through optimization of the wing jig shape taking into account elastic deformation, as well as by increasing service life and improving weight performance of the aircraft.

TsAGI’s researchers tested static aeroelasticity of the wing model in the transonic wind tunnel, evaluated pressure distribution specifics, performance of gapless aileron (aircraft control body) of special shape, and model behavior at the angle of attack corresponding to cruising mode.

“The work has allowed verification of preliminary mathematical calculations, that is, to confirm their compliance with the real aerodynamic experiment in transonic modes,” explained FSUE TsAGI’s aeroelasticity expert Petr Karkle. “We managed to offer innovative solutions used in the structure of the wing model which will be tested many times in the future.”

“The work package is aimed at the establishment of a unique pool of experimental data to support the development of new technologies and methods needed to build an advanced aircraft,” said Deputy General Director of FSUE TsAGI, Head of the Aircraft Strength Complex Mikhail Zichenkov. “The research will contribute to the studies of complex nonlinear aeroelasticity phenomena and refinement of future research methods.”

Research of aircraft aeroelasticity will be the central topic of discussion at the 16th International Forum IFASD to be held in St. Petersburg from June 28 to July 2, 2015. The event is organized by FSUE TsAGI with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Union of Aircraft Manufacturers and foreign organizations, such as CEAS and AIAA.

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