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Foreign colleagues shared their professional experience with TsAGI’s young scientists

2 April 2015

On March 25-27, at TsAGI’s House of Scientists, the first NextPro seminar was held for young scientists and employees of the Institute, attended by leading representatives of the European aviation industry. The meeting was aimed at sharing the experience of foreign colleagues with employees of the Russian center.

Among the speakers were the ex-VP of EADS George Bridel, psychologist Maria Szodruch, PhD, and honorary chairman of IFAR, the former head of the German Aerospace Center DLR, Professor Joachim Szodruch.

During the seminar, participants listened to lectures on development prospects in the global aviation industry, and on psychological and cultural aspects of negotiation. In addition, the seminar included active communication: discussions, business games and workshops. 2 or 3 similar seminars are planned for the future, focused on international research project management.

“Leadership qualities and ability to communicate with foreign colleagues are very important for the exchange of experience and development of science,” said Executive Director of FSUE TsAGI Sergey Chernyshev at the opening of the seminar.

The event was focused on the discussion of scientific and technological potential of the aviation industry. Dr. Chernyshev described in detail to young professionals the development strategy of the domestic aircraft industry over the next 20 years. In addition, he highlighted the prospects for TsAGI’s activities in the industry.

The Next Pro seminar is a series of workshops and lectures for young professionals, aimed at an exchange of experience in the professional field, improving English language skills, development of leadership skills, teamwork capabilities and skills of communication with people with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

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