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TsAGI develop competitive products

11 March 2015

“Currently, import substitution has become the mainstream strategy for many organizations in different industries,” explained Vasily Petronevich, Division Head and Lead Metrologist at TsAGI. “Being one of the key science hubs in the country, TsAGI is no exception and is therefore, together with its partners, eager to develop new competitive products which will become a good alternative to and even excel over their foreign counterparts.” One such product is a high-precision amplifier. During an aerodynamic experiment, it allowed changing weight loads with an accuracy that is several times more precise than that of the top foreign alternatives.

Scientists at TsAGI have also developed a multi-channel module for measuring pressure on a model’s surface during wind tunnel tests. Its key advantages are its size, greater efficiency, and the information value of the experiment. At a comparable accuracy it is one-third the size of its European and U. S. counterparts, while providing 2-3 times better efficiency and information value.

Institute scientists have also developed and implemented a new visualization approach, based on liquid crystals, to an object’s air-flow conditions. The crystals are first applied to the surface of the aerodynamic models to be tested, and then the color of such coating changes red to blue as the friction stress increases. Such use of liquid crystals allows detection of transition curves for the laminar and turbulent boundary layers.

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