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Boris Aleshin: “Russia’s Government to allocate $ 20 bln to domestic aircraft-building industry”

10 September 2014

Boris Aleshin

On September 9, TsAGI General Director and Russian Academy of Sciences Associate Member Boris Aleshin spoke at the plenary session ICAS 2014, where he presented a report on the main decisions of the Russian government aimed at developing aviation.

The head of the Russian aviation science center spoke about the state program “The development of the aviation industry in 2013-2025”, which aims to develop areas of research and support technologies. “The government has set ambitious targets for establishing an impressive positioning on global markets in the area of aircraft construction (both civil and military aviation), helicopter building, as well as aircraft engines, units and instrumentation”, Boris Aleshin said. The TsAGI chief said that impressive funds had been earmarked for the implementation of the program: by 2025 the government plans to provide in the order of $20 billion.

The fundamental difference between the current program and the previous one is that it focuses not only on the development of civil or military aviation technology, as before, but also on the development of scientific fields and support technologies to ensure permanent scientific and technological capability. That is why Russian research centers played an active and important role in the preparation of the document. Addressing the leading world aerospace organizations that attended the congress, Boris Aleshin has stressed that the current state program is greatly similar to its foreign analogs, wherein the stress is primarily put on state support for research and ensuring technological maturity.

The state program includes a number of sub-programs, and the research area — the sub-program “Aviation science and technology” is represented separately. As the TsAGI chief noted, it will account for about a third of the allocated government budget funds — about six billion dollars, “This sub-program should be the basis for technological development. We are setting ourselves the task of creating an effective system of research management. This involves new mechanisms to ensure coordination between science organizations and industry in research and the development of advanced technologies”, Boris Aleshin said. The head of the Central Aero-hydrodynamic Institute said that the innovative aspect of this for Russia is the creation and maintaining of continuously updated scientific and technological capability, which is ensured by the program. “The scientific process is continuous, long-term studies should be conducted continuously and provide industry with the necessary level of knowledge and technology,” — he stressed.

During his speech, Aleshin spoke about the upcoming setting up of the Zhukovsky National Research Center (SRC) which “should, in fact, become the ideologist of the state program.” The TsAGI head expressed the hope that representatives from the global aviation industry would be comfortable cooperating with Russia within the framework of the new organization. “We are open and we will cooperate in the field of science and technology with all the leading cutting-edge foreign companies, and will also try to participate in projects of other countries”, Aleshin said.

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