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TsAGI has created a unique test bench for testing high-speed helicopters

13 December 2013

Specialists of aircraft power plant aerodynamics and helicopter aerodynamics and dynamics departments of FSUE TsAGI together with specialists of JSC Kamov have developed and commissioned a unique multifunctional test bench for testing large-scale mock-ups of promising high-speed helicopters.

According to the head of TsAGI’s power plant aerodynamics department A.F. Chevagin, the new bench is unparalleled in our country and abroad. It has been designed to study aerodynamics, strength, stability and controllability of new generation helicopters that will use special propulsion systems to increase the speed of flight as compared to helicopters operating today. At this project stage, propellers located on the sides of the fuselage are used as the propulsion system.

The experimental plant combines a helicopter body mock-up, operating rotor, as well as two large-scale simulators of propulsion propelling screws. All screws are designed for independent operation in the required range of operating modes and flight speeds. The mutual arrangement of helicopter body and propulsion propellers can vary, which makes it possible to conduct research of different designs of high-speed helicopters.

The bench has been designed for full-scale testing in TsAGI’s large subsonic wind tunnel T-104. It allows simulating flight conditions in a wide range of speeds, angles of attack and sideslip.

The experimental plant allows study of aerodynamic interaction of three or more rotating propellers between themselves, to determine dynamic loading features of a combined power plant, and measures its thrust, torque and frequency characteristics. These issues need to be addressed to create a new generation of high-speed helicopter.

The bench is multifunctional. In the future it can be used to solve a wide range of issues related to integration of engines in the design of advanced aircraft.

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