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TsAGI takes part in grand opening of the Russia-EU Year of Science

22 November 2013

The opening ceremony of the Russia-EU Year of Science will take place from 25 to 27 November in Moscow, with the participation of TsAGI. As part of the ceremony the exhibition of collaborative projects and youth initiatives of the Russian Federation and the EU will be organized, where the Institute will demonstrate the latest developments from Russia and the European Union.

Increased cooperation between Russia and Europe in the field of aeronautics is entrusted to TsAGI as a national contact point (NCP). The main objectives of the NCP is the dissemination of information on EU programs in the field of aeronautics research, rendering information, and advisory and organizational support to Russian scientific, research and production teams wishing to participate in joint research and development work.

For almost ten years TSAGI has participated in 33 joint projects: NACRE, FlySafe, FLIRET, SimSAC, Telfona, HISAC, Alcas, QUANTIFY, NICE TRIP, SADE, Dream, Maaximus, ALICIA, OPENAIR, DeSiReH, Supra, Valiant, IDIOM, ARISTOTEL, SARSTU, X-NOISE, 4DCo-GC, SaCoMAR, TransHyBerLAN, ETNA, ESWIRP, HAIC, AFLoNext, ALaSCA, ORINOCO, RESEARCH, PolaRBEAR, and Buterfli.

The Russia — EU Year of Science 2014 opens with a series of events, including the official opening ceremony and the conference on strategic development of future Russian-European scientific, technological and innovation cooperation. The purpose of the Russia-EU Year of Science 2014, claims to be “an annual series of events and initiatives to promote cooperation between Russia and the EU in the field of science, higher education and innovation,” as well as to draw attention to the rich experience of fruitful cooperation between Russian and European scientists.

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