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PD-14 engine nacelle model tested at TsAGI

13 November 2013

Experts of the Power Plants Department completed the first stage of PD-14 engine nacelle model testing at cruising speed (up to M=0.82). The research was aimed at determining aerodynamic characteristics of a nacelle for the upcoming engine being developed by Aviadvigatel JSC (Perm). This engine will be used on the MS-21 aircraft. The tests were conducted in TsAGI’s transonic wind tunnel T-106.

A special thematic model of a nacelle with various outer contours was designed by TsAGI and manufactured by Aviadvigatel JSC. Previously, the model had been tested in TsAGI’s wind bench CBC −2 (high velocity bench).

“The first pilot studies of the model yielded a number of valuable results,” said Head of Power Plants R&D Department of TsAGI , Ph.D in Science Vladimir Akinfiev. “The characteristics provided in computational research have been confirmed; but at the same time, new details have emerged that require consideration and repeated studies in a larger range of parameters. Based on test outcomes, we ensure optimal design of aircraft power plants.” The next stage of aerodynamic testing of the PD-14 engine nacelle model, scheduled for spring 2014, will be held in TsAGI’s wind tunnel T-106 as well.

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