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TSAGI tested semimodel of the MS-21 aircraft wing with high-lift devices in Germany

22 October 2013

From October 8 to October 16, 2013, acoustic testing of a large-scale semimodel of the MS-21 aircraft wing with high-lift devices was held in Braunschweig (Germany). The work was carried out in wind tunnel DNW NWB, which was specially upgraded for these purposes in 2010-2012. The research was organized jointly by acoustics and aerodynamics specialists of TsAGI by order of “Corporation Irkut” JSC under the contract for the future aircraft MS-21.

The main purpose of the tests is to get reliable estimates of the airflow noise around high-lift devices. In addition, during the measurement TsAGI specialists tested the effectiveness of slat sound insulation measures proposed on the basis of tests of small-scale models on benches at the Institute.

On October 10, the tests were visited by Executive Director of TSAGI S.L. Chernyshev and Deputy General Director and the Head of the TSAGI Experimental Base Development Complex Y. Kartashov. According to TsAGI Executive Director Sergey Leonidovich Chernyshev, acoustic benches of such level as the upgraded DNW wind tunnel are vital for Russia. World practice shows that the required estimate can be made based on the results of flight tests, which are necessarily preceded by acoustic tests on large-scale models in specialized wind tunnels which allow for measurement of noise intensity and direction.

The tests allowed TSAGI experts to get unique data on the noise of airflow around high-lift device components using a large-scale model. Until now, local aeroacoustics experts were able to carry out acoustic tests only on small-scale wing element models. The data will be used to assess the possibility of successful certification of the MS-21 aircraft to meet new ICAO standards (Chapter 14), as well as to work out measures for sound insulation for main sources of noise airflow over high-lift devices of future planes.

This was the first time that work of this type has been performed — where TSAGI acts as a customer ordering tests of the Russian model abroad.

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