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Diamond Aircraft Industries delegation visits TsAGI

4 September 2013

On August 30, 2013, management from the Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries (DAI) — CEO Christian Dries and CIS Director Liliana Schmidt — visited the Zhukovsky Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute.

DAI is Europe’s largest producer of general purpose planes from composite materials, flight simulators and diesel engines. The company is also conducting research into unmanned aircraft, automated guidance systems and the electrification of planes, including the development of hybrid propulsion systems.

The DAI delegation inspected a number of TsAGI experimental units, including the static testing chamber, the climatic testing lab, the T-101 and T-128 wind tunnels and the PSPK-102 and PS-10M flight simulators.

Afterwards TsAGI General Director Boris Aleshin chaired a meeting to discuss the main areas of cooperation between DAI and Russian aviation industry companies. The directors of SibNIA, TsIAM and GosNIAS also attended the meeting.

Mr. Aleshin noted the strategic nature of cooperation with DAI, the importance of joint research, the need to localize production of DA40 and DA42 training planes and diesel engines and also the current relevance of joint development of a range of multi-purpose light aircraft with capacities of 9 and 19 passengers and a diesel engine.

DAI CEO Christian Dries expressed satisfaction with the pace at which cooperation with TsAGI is developing, and was impressed with the scale of the institute’s experimental facilities and noted their suitability for conducting upcoming tests.

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