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Irkut Corporation, International Aeronavigation Systems Inc. and TsAGI create on-board vortex safety system for MS-21

2 September 2013

Подписание соглашения о создании системы по вихревой безопасности для МС-21

Irkut Corporation (part of UAC) President Oleg Demchenko, International Aeronavigation Systems President Mikhail Kizilov and Zhukovsky Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute Executive Director Sergey Chernyshev sighed a tripartite agreement at the MAKS-2013 international aviation and space salon for the creation and installation on the MS-21 mid-range plane of an on-board vortex safety system.

The system will ensure compliance with future ICAO requirements for a reduction in in-trail separation for aircraft with respect to parameters such as trailing vortex turbulence (RHSM-RECAT-2).

The MS-21 will be the first serially produced plane in the world with an on-board vortex safety system incorporated in the design phase.

The functional software for the system is being developed by International Aeronavigation Systems, with methodological support from Zhukovsky Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute to be implemented into the Integrated Surveillance System (ISS) of the MS-21.

The proactive implementation of future ICAO requirements for installing an on-board vortex safety system will give the MS-21 a competitive edge.

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