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TsAGI employee wins aircraft modelling world championship

29 August 2013


Albert Bulatov, an employee with the TsAGI scientific production complex, has won a gold medal at the world aircraft modelling championships, in the free-flight models category F1B (rubber motor models). The 23-year old engineer is one of the youngest champions in the entire history of the competition. The official opening of the sporting season took place in Moncontour (France) on August 3-9, 2013.

“There is no question, I am very happy to win, but it was not a great surprise for me. Victory was assured by the model I built, which was fundamentally different from the others in terms of its construction. While the other participants used classic schemes, I adopted an innovative layout. The model had a wing flap that makes it possible to change the curvature of the profile in different flight conditions. This reduced wing resistance during take-off and landing and increased the lift force during gliding. As a result, the model flew higher than all the others, which secured the victory,” the champion said.

Thanks to his victory, Albert Bulatov has achieved the level of master of sport, international class.

In addition to a personal trophy and medals, the sportsman received a challenge silver cup. This trophy is the oldest in the sport of aircraft modelling and has been presented since 1927. The trophy will be kept in TsAGI until the next world championship in Ulan Bator in Mongolia in 2015.

This year the world championship in F1 A, B and C class models (free-flying model gliders, rubber motor and timer models) has had over 300 participants from 40 countries. The Russian team consisted of 13 people, including three TsAGI employees.

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