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TsAGI confirms high lift characteristics of Frigate Ecojet wing

7 August 2013

Фрегат Экоджет

Scientists from the TsAGI aircraft and rocket aerodynamics department have completed the latest stage of tests on a model of the future Frigate Ecojet aircraft. The work was carried out on behalf of JSC Russian Avia Consortium.

The experiment demonstrated that it is possible to achieve the planned level of aerodynamic efficiency, and also confirmed the high load-bearing properties of the wing at takeoff and landing.

This research will make it possible to establish the possible reserve for improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the future Frigate Ecojet plane.

TsAGI specialists studied the Frigate Ecojet during cruising, takeoff and landing in TsAGI’s T-106 transonic tunnel. In addition, a visualization of the air current at the cruising angle of attack was produced using oil paints. The oil flows along the surface under the influence of the air flow, leaving a trail of paint along the flow line and accumulating in the areas of flow breakdown. The use of different colored oils makes it possible to trace the air flow from one surface of the model to another, which gives an idea of the aerodynamic nature of various elements of the aircraft.

The Frigate Ecojet is designed to transport 300 passengers over short and medium distances (1900 — 4500 km) at a cruising speed of 850 km/h. The main innovation in the future plane is its use of an oval fuselage (in cross section) with three aisles. This shape is meant to ensure increased passenger comfort.

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