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TsAGI is Actively Preparing for ICAS-2014

18 July 2013

In its capacity as an organizer, TsAGI is actively preparing for the ICAS-2014 International Congress, which will be held for the first time in Russia, on September 7–12, 2014, in St. Petersburg.

Russia entered the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) in 1967. TsAGI currently represents the country in the ICAS, as well as several aviation organizations that are associated members: the Central Institute of Aviation Motors, the Moscow Aviation Institute, the Russian Engineering Academy, the Air Launch Aerospace Corporation (ALAC) and the BERIEV Aircraft Company (Taganrog Aviation Science and Technology Complex).

There is more than a year left before the world forum, and TsAGI has already done major organizational work. As of June 2013, a contract was signed with the Pribaltiyskaya Hotel, which will be the general partner for the Congress. This hotel, built in 1979, has a 10-storey building on the western edge of Vasilyevsky Island, which is considered one of the most unpolluted areas in the metropolis. Pribaltiyskaya has a business center, conference halls, meeting rooms and modern audio and video equipment.

The organizers have reserved the necessary auditoriums and equipment for the ICAS-2014 Congress. Agreements have also been reached with several organizations that will provide exclusive service to participants. In particular, plans are in schedule for a Night Hermitage tour. The forum’s guests will have the opportunity to go on tours entitled Petersburg Sights, the Museums of St. Petersburg, Russian Art, Literary Petersburg, the Northern Venice, St. Petersburg at Night, the Imperial Residence, and Kronstadt, as well as 2–3 day tours to Valaam Island, Kizhi Island and Moscow.

The ICAS International Congress is an important forum in the field of Aeronautics. The event is held once every two years and brings together up to 1000 participants. At present, ICAS unites approximately 60 scientific organizations, aviation industry firms and companies in 32 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. They include ONERA, DLR, NLR, Airbus, EADS, Boeing, Bombardier and many more.

The organizer country of the Congress is determined on a competitive basis 4 years before it is held. The success of the Russian application is an evidence that Russia’s contribution to world aviation science has been recognized and St. Petersburg has been evaluated as a city with its scientific, historical and cultural potential and a professional infrastructure oriented towards conducting this level of international congress events.

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