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The Application Process Deadline Date for ICAS-2014 is Extended

16 July 2013

The acceptance of applications for oral, stand and plenary presentations at the 29th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences is extended up to the 31th of July 2013. The ICAS-2014 Congress will be held in St. Petersburg on September 7–12, 2014.

Until July 31, 2013, the Organizing Committee will accept applications for ICAS-2014 prizes based on the results of the competition in the following categories:

· ICAS Daniel & Florence Guggenheim Award: for a major personal contribution to the development of the aerospace sciences.

· ICAS Award for Innovation in Aeronautics: for major innovations in aeronautics.

· ICAS von Karman Award for International Cooperation in Aeronautics: given to a group of scientists for the successful completion of a major international project.

· ICAS Maurice Roy Medal: for a personal contribution to the development of international cooperation.

· ICAS John J. Green Award: a prize for young specialists (under 40 years) for a personal contribution to the development of international cooperation.

· ICAS John McCarthy Student Award (two prizes): for the best work by graduate / undergraduate students.

Applications may be entered at http://icas.dglr.de/. Additional information about the upcoming events and meetings is available at the official site of the ICAS, and on the site of the Organizing Committee of the 29th ICAS Congress www.icas2014.com.

The Program of the upcoming congress will be approved at a session of the International Program Committee on September 1–5, 2013, in Cape Town, South Africa.

The main topics of the Congress are:

· Integrating aircraft and systems

· Aerodynamics

· Materials and structures

· Engine units

· Flight dynamics and steering systems

· Systems, their subsystems and components

· Systems engineering and production

· The efficiency of air traffic organization

· Flight operating and aviation safety

· Environmental impact

· Operation and maintenance

“We hope for active participation in the first meeting of this major International Aeronautics Congress by scientists and graduate and undergraduate students from our scientific research institutes in the aviation and rocket / space industry, institutes of the Academy of Science, and universities. We expect that Russia, as the organizer country, will make at least 150 presentations to the International Program Committee. Analysis of visits to the Organizing Committee’s site (www.icas2014.com) indicates huge interest in the St. Petersburg event: more than 4000 people from 84 countries around the world have visited our site,” noted Alexander Filatyev, member of the Executive Committee of the ICAS, head of the aerospace research program at TsAGI and doctor of engineering.

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