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MS-21 splashdown testing completed

11 June 2013


Specialists from the TsAGI departments for Instrumentation and Metrology and the Scientific Testing Centre on the Moscow Sea have completed the latest round of tests on the splashdown parameters of a model of the future MS-21 short and mid-haul plane, launched from a catapult. The tests were carried out at the TsAGI branch in Dubna on behalf of Irkut Corporation.

The specialists are currently processing the information received from the MIK-1 on-board recording device and are calculating the model’s splashdown parameters.

These tests are important because the characteristics of an emergency landing on water received without experimental tests are considered unreliable.

The research into the splashdown parameters of the aircraft model was carried out by launching it from a catapult using a MIK-1, developed by specialists from the Instrumentation and Metrology department. The model plane was secured to a floating catapult and was launched in emergency water landing mode. There were several dozen sets of launches at different angles of pitch and splashdown speeds.

The next round of tests is planned for July 2013.

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