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TsAGI sums up interim results of Frigate Ecojet project

19 April 2013


The specialists from TsAGI FSUE and Rosaviaconsortium OJSC summed up the results of the first work cycle in a program to develop the future Frigate Ecojet wide-body, medium-haul plane.

The Frigate Ecojet is designed to transport 300 passengers over a distance of 3,500 km at a cruising speed of 850 km/h. The main innovation in the future plane is its use of an oval fuselage (in cross section) with three aisles. This shape is meant to ensure increased passenger comfort and safety.

TsAGI carried out a series of studies on the aerodynamics, strength, stability and controllability of the aircraft over a two-year period. The institute’s scientists studied in detail the behavior of the fuselage structure in conditions of excess internal pressure, and identified the plane’s main characteristics and structural strength parameters. The Frigate Ecojet prototype tests in sub-sonic (T-102) and transonic (T-106M) wind tunnels at TsAGI, demonstrated, that in general the overall aerodynamic design of the aircraft is characterized by a high level of aerodynamic perfection in line with similar aircraft of a standard design, and can be adopted for further work on this project.

The institute’s specialists have currently started on a new stage of research.

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