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Tests of MS-21-300 model in takeoff and landing modes commences

10 August 2012

TsAGI specialists started testing the executive model of the MS-21-300 aircraft in transonic wind tunnel T-106m. The work is carried out within the framework of the contract between TsAGI and JSC Irkut and aims at more precise definition of aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft in takeoff and landing modes. The main objective of this MS-21-300 research phase is to get the full amount of experimental data for the next revision of aerodynamic characteristics data bank of the aircraft during detailed design. The aerodynamic characteristics bank is developed for optimization of functional systems and elaboration of performance characteristics of the aircraft. An important stage of the forthcoming research is testing the model with different types of ice simulators, reproducing all possible icing scenarios provided for by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee for the MS-21 aircraft. Specialists expect to complete this aerodynamic model test cycle by the end of the summer.

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