Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Aviation Сertification Сenter

ACC was established in June 2008 in the frame of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after prof. N.E. Zhukovsky” pursuant to the Russian Federation President’s Decree No 217 of 20 February “On the National Centre for Aeronautical Engineering”.

Aviation Certification Centre conducts independent evaluation and expert examination of aeronautical vehicles and engineering devices.


  • Evaluation and certification of FSTD
  • Development and evaluation of national standards for qualification of FSTD devices
  • Development of manuals and guides for manufacturers and operators conducting FSTD evaluation and tests. Supporting training centres staff in arranging FSTD qualification procedures. Manufacturer and user staff training in performing FSTD tests and evaluation according to new international ICAO9625 standard and appropriate Russian national standard.
  • Co-operation with international organizations and participation in the development of new international standards in flight simulation
  • Establishing an efficient system for FSTD certification at all stages of FSTD development from design specification up to the end product.


  • Expert council
  • Division for certification of aeronautical engineering devices
  • Division for evaluation of flight simulation training devices
  • Division for development of norms and technical standards
  • Division for expert examination and development of advanced technologies
  • Division for certification of non-aeronautical objects
  • Division of international business and cooperation

Expert Council

Members of the Expert Council are leading scientists and experts in both flight dynamics/ aerodynamics and aircraft/helicopter flight tests; recognized experts in certification of aircraft and flight simulation training devices are also involved in the activity of the Council.


Vladimir M. Shibaev Ph.D., member of the ICAO 9625 International Working Group, ISO expert for flight dynamics standards.


1, Zhukovsky St.,
Zhukovsky Moscow region
140180 Russia

Phone: +7 (495) 556-44-71
+7 (495) 556-44-82